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October 2022 Newsletter

EU Directive on Transparent and Predictable Working Conditions

The EU Directive for Transparent and Predictable Working Conditions aims to provide employees with more predictability and clarity in relation to their working conditions.

EU Member States had until 1st August 2022 to transpose the Directive into law, but Ireland has yet to do so. In late September, the European Commission announced infringement decisions that are to be taken against Ireland and other States who have failed to communicate measures taken to transpose directives into national law.

However, some of the requirements are already covered by existing Irish employment legislation, such as providing employees with information on their employment under the Employment (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill.

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Did You Know? - Bullying Within the Higher Education Sector

According to a study by the Dublin City University Anti-Bullying Centre, one third of Employees in higher education institutions have been bullied in the past three years. The perpetrator of the bullying is reported as a senior colleague in more than half of cases.

Case Law Reviewed - Teacher Penalised After Protected Disclosure Awarded €43,425

Case Law Reviewed - Teacher Penalised After Protected Disclosure Awarded €43,425

Case Law Reviewed - Chef Let Go After Employer Discovers Membership of Travelling Community

Case Law Reviewed - Chef Let Go Two Days After Employer Became Aware He Was A Member of the Travelling Community

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