We are excited to announce two upcoming webinars in collaboration with our esteemed partners, aimed at providing valuable insights into crucial workplace practices. These sessions are designed to help you navigate and implement key strategies for health and safety as well as understanding the nuances of flexible working rights.

Webinar 1: Strategic Approach to Health and Safety

Join Shannon Chamber, our key Strategic HR Partner, for an in-depth session on the Strategic Approach to Health and Safety, scheduled for 13th June 2024. This webinar will feature experts from Shannon Chamber and Adare, who will share best practices, recent regulatory updates, and practical strategies to enhance workplace safety. Whether you are looking to improve your current safety protocols or develop a comprehensive health and safety plan, this webinar will offer valuable guidance and actionable steps to ensure a safer work environment for everyone.

Key areas of discussion include:

  • Health & Safety Continual Performance Improvement: Understanding the iterative process involved in enhancing Health and Safety standards within your organization. We’ll explore the systematic steps necessary for ongoing improvement, ensuring that your workplace remains safe and compliant.
  • Cultivating a Culture of Health & Safety First: Beyond mere policies and procedures, fostering a culture where Health and Safety are prioritized is paramount. We’ll delve into strategies for not only developing but also implementing and promoting a robust culture of safety consciousness among employees at all levels.
  • Harnessing the Power of H&S Management Systems: We’ll shed light on the benefits and fundamental considerations associated with Health and Safety Management Systems. Discover how adopting the right system can streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and ultimately contribute to a safer work environment.

Learn from real-world examples and best practices adopted by leading organisations. Explore how successful companies navigate the complexities of Health and Safety management, drawing insights that you can apply within your own workplace.

Webinar 2: Code of Practice on the Right to Request Flexible Working

The second webinar, Code of Practice on the Right to Request Flexible Working, will take place on 19th June 2024. This session, led by specialists from IPHA and Adare, will delve into the latest code of practice regarding flexible working requests. Participants will gain a thorough understanding of employee rights, employer responsibilities, and the procedural aspects of handling flexible working requests. This is an excellent opportunity to learn how to balance organizational needs with employee well-being, fostering a more adaptable and supportive workplace culture.

Some key features to be discussed at the webinar relating to:

  • Details of the processes regarding making and managing requests for Flexible Working and Remote Working including when changes are sought or made to the agreed arrangement.
  • Guidance for Employers on objective, fair and reasonable decision-making when considering requests for Flexible Working and Remote Working
  • Practical guidance on best practice for Employers, Employees and/or their representatives to ensure compliance with the legislation.
  • Guidance for the resolution of disputes in relation to requests for Flexible Working and Remote Working insofar as it relates to the processing of the requests.