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We recently launched two free HR eBooks on our website. Firstly, sharing information on one of the latest Employment Law Updates: Transparent and Predictable Working Conditions. Secondly, giving strategic guidance on the key HR topic of Retention. In response to some of the most frequently asked questions that we receive, our experts are developing other helpful guides to share with our subscribers shortly. Watch this space!

Transparent and Predictable Working Conditions
As of December 16th, 2022, the EU Directive on Transparent and Predictable Working Conditions was transposed into legislation amending several pieces of employment legislation and introducing new legal obligations for employers that require immediate attention.

Our eBook covers the following topics:

  • Immediate actions we recommend for Irish businesses
  • Changes to Contracts of Employment
  • New 5-day deadline/ 5-day statement
  • New 1-month deadline
  • Updates to probationary periods
  • What is meant by transitioning employment?
  • What is an ’incompatibility restriction’?
  • What do the Regulations say about Collective Agreements?


Retention Strategies
One of the greatest challenges facing Organisations generally is attracting and retaining talented Employees. Implementing effective Employee retention strategies will help create more reasons for Employees to stay. The first step however is to understand why Employees leave.

Our eBook covers the following topics:

  • What is Retention?
  • Retention Strategy
  • Why Retention Matters for your Business?
  • How do you Measure Success?
  • Key Steps to Retention
  • Reviewing internal processes

We’re Hiring

We’re always looking for extraordinary people to join our talented team. As part of our growth strategy for the business, we are currently looking to recruit experienced and ambitious HR Practitioners to work closely with our current and potential clients to identify and understand their requirements.

Why work with Adare Human Resource Management?
We are a leading, progressive and expanding professional services Company with a reputation for excellence across all sectors. Offering excellent career opportunities for dynamic and passionate professionals looking to thrive in a busy and challenging work environment.

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Next Adare Human Resource Management Webinar
tHRive talks – The 3 R’s of Termination: Resignation, Redundancy, Retirement

Following a very successful launch of our THRive talks webinar series on 29th March 2023, where our experts Sarah Fagan, Managing Director and Katie Ridge, Head of Employer Relations, delved into the practicalities and legalities of the implementation of the Transparent and Predictable Working Conditions Regulations. We are delighted to announce, the next webinar in the series.

Join us for our 2nd tHRive talks, 27th April, where we will discuss the ‘3 R’s’ of Termination – Resignation, Redundancy, Retirement. Our experts will discuss this topic in detail exploring practical considerations, answer key questions and provide guidance for businesses on what they need to do and what they should consider in this area.

What you will learn? 

Terminations in all their guises can be a minefield to even the most seasoned HR Practitioner. Every year there are an increasing number of employment cases directly linked to the management of resignations, redundancies and retirements leading to constructive and unfair dismissals and employment equality claims.

Management of each of these practices can help mitigate potential financial risk and negative press but ensuring all considerations are carefully considered, methodically planned and meticulously executed is the benchmark of safeguarding compliance and best practice.

Why you should join this webinar? We will be discussing: 

  • Resignation and all it’s pitfalls for constructive dismissals claims, why resignation is not always the best option.
  • ​Redundancy and right sizing, what are the key factors in minimising employment risks.
  • Retirement – express or implied term what employers need to know and how compulsory retirements can have a litany of risks

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Adare Human Resource Management in the News

Our Head of Employer Relations, Katie Ridge, took to the stage at the National Menopause summit on the 23 March, sharing her legal expertise and insights on addressing menopause as a priority workplace issue and retaining key talent. Katie has been a national leader in advocating for change and championing a ‘new norm’ across Irish workplaces. Indeed in a recent national press she explain that Ireland could potentially lead in this area as “No country in Europe has legislated for menopause leave.”

Full article here: