tHRive Webinar Series 2024

We are pleased to announce the rollout of the Adare tHRive webinar series for 2024.

As we navigate the intricate landscape of Human Resources and Employment Law, the series is designed to provide an elevated platform for HR professionals to acquire essential insights and foster professional growth.

This series comprises curated webinars that delve into the latest HR, Employment Law and Health & Safety trends, challenges, and opportunities.

Join Adare Consultants who will discuss relevant topics in detail exploring practical considerations, answering key questions and providing expert guidance for Organisations on planning for compliance and preparing for change. Expect engaging discussions, expert insights, and actionable tips on Strategic HR.

Stay tuned for updates and further details on our #tHRiveWebinars at our Upcoming Webinars page.



Adare – Your Partners in HR, Employment Law, Industrial Relations, Health & Safety and best practice Human Resource Management

​At Adare , we recognise the significant and important role HR leaders play in achieving an Organisation’s strategic objectives which is why our tailored and solution-focused approach with each and every client enables them to concentrate on their core priorities – driving HR-led transformation for the success of their people and Organisations.

Our commitment extends beyond merely offering ‘expert advice.’ We actively collaborate with leadership teams and HR managers to ensure the delivery of optimal commercial and Strategic HR outcomes.

Providing guidance across a spectrum of challenges, from ensuring compliance with employment legislation to implementing strategic solutions that adhere to best practices, our goal is to foster people-led transformation within an Organisation.

Within the Spectrum of Retained services we support Organisations through our Interim HR Partnerships, HR Continuum Partnerships and H&S Continuum Partnerships.

These Partnerships provide an account management approach to ensure a tailored solution to your specific Strategic HR and Health & Safety requirements throughout the employee lifecycle supporting and empowering your leaders in achieving your strategic goals and objectives.

If you would like to know more about our services, please contact the team at Adare – / 01 561 3594.