Company Volunteer Day

Our team at Adare Human Resource Management had an amazing day volunteering at Barretstown, a not-for-profit that offers free, specially designed programmes for children and their families living with a serious illness. It was incredibly rewarding to learn more about the programmes and get a chance to give back by volunteering our time to help get the facilities ready for their first residential camps of 2023.

Learning about the impact Barretstown has had on the lives of so many children in Ireland was really eye-opening and the amount of work that goes into maintaining and funding their activities. Please do consider volunteering, donating or participating in some of their fundraisers that are coming up and support a worthy cause.

We really recommend that companies consider developing Employee Volunteer Programmes help to build a more engaged workforce. Beyond the community benefits, it’s been shown that employee retention, recruitment and engagement can be improved as employees take pride in the volunteer work that they do.

Developing Employee Volunteer Programmes

If your Organisation is considering developing an Employee Volunteer Programme, there are a few things to consider:

  • Your community – is there a specific project that your Employees can get involved in?

  • Aligned values– ensure any programme is in line with your Organisation’s overall objectives, goals, values and vision.

  • Employee involvement – make sure you seek the input of your Employees to get buy-in.

  • Assess and measure – as with any initiative, it is important that volunteer programmes are beneficial to Employees, the community and your Organisation. It’s important that time off to volunteer is actually contributing to the community.

  • Acknowledge success – reward those Employees who volunteer and recognise their successes.


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