1. The online subscription is for a minimum period of 12 months. The service is for the use of the named subscriber(s) only. Where the subscriber is not an individual, the employing Organisation is regarded as the contracting party.
Renewal of Service / Cancellation Policy

2. The service is automatically renewed for a further 12 month term unless written cancellation is received prior to the renewal date. A renewal invoice will be issued in the month preceding renewal and payment terms are 14 days. Adare Human Resource Management reserves the right to suspend the web subscription where payment is overdue; this will not affect the subscriber’s liability to pay the outstanding invoice. Any credit or refund for unused periods of subscription is entirely at Adare Human Resource Management’s discretion.

3. Members may cancel this agreement within seven (7) working days of the Date of Initial Activation and subject to the terms outlined here.  Subject to these terms, members shall receive a full refund of any sums paid.

4. Cancellation must be made by written notice in accordance with provisions of these Terms and Conditions.

5. Members who wish to cancel their subscription after the 7 day period has expired should note that no refund shall be made and any sums outstanding shall remain due to payable to Adare Human Resource Management.

6. Upon Cancellation, Members agree to immediately cease accessing the Online Services and Warrant that no Materials shall be copied, stored or otherwise retained by any Under or other person.

For further queries, please contact our accounts department – / 01 561 3594