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November 2021 Newsletter

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Managing Annual Leave – what employers need to...

As we enter the closing weeks of 2021, many employers will find that some employees still have not taken their full annual leave entitlement. In fact, some may still be carrying leave from 2020 given the ongoing health crisis. But how can employers best manage a situation where employees have not taken their annual leave.

Employment Law
Considerations for employers seeking to dismiss...

A ruling by the Court of Appeal to overturn a decision by the High Court last year in relation to the firing of an employee during his probationary period for poor performance presents some positive news and clear guidance for employers when managing dismissals during probationary period.

Case Law
Case Law Reviewed - Employee found to be...

The issue in dispute is the alleged unfair dismissal of the worker by the employer.  The employment commenced on 19th October 2020 and ended on 8th March 2021.  The worker was paid €618.75 gross per week and worked 37.5 hours.  She submitted her complaint to the Workplace Relations Commission on 25th May 2021.

Case Law
Case Law Reviewed - UPS to pay former manager...

The employee appealed the Decision of the Adjudication Officer to the Labour Court in accordance with Section 83(1) of the Employment Equality Acts, 1998 to 2015.

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