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In Case You Missed It

In Case You Missed It

Guidance on how to Calculate Gender Pay Gap

In May 2022, the Government published guidance for employers on how they should calculate the gender pay gap in their organisation. Businesses with 250+ employees will be obliged to report their data at end of this year with a phased approach for all other organisations.

We issued an update last month with the details of what employers should be reporting and how to calculate the required data, which is available here.

The Impacts of Remote Working – Government Publishes Evaluation Report

The Government has published a report which assesses and evaluates the impacts of remote working on the Irish economy and society, as well as building on the goals set out in the National Remote Work Strategy. The report assessed remote working in the context of the labour market, productivity, regional development and the associated financial implications. Some key findings together with the full evaluation report can be found here.
As businesses return to some form of normality, it’s clearly evident from our research that employers and employees have fully embraced remote working in some capacity. Our HR Barometer Report 6.1 found that nearly half the Irish workforce is working remotely at least 1 day each week.

  • 48% of the workforce is working remotely at least 1 day per week

  • 19% of the workforce is working remotely full-time

Remote and flexible working arrangements are now considered the norm but are obviously not suited to every business. However, if your organisation is considering introducing remote working, employers need to take a considered approach, engage with employees and their representatives and consider the business objectives. They should also look at businesses in their sector or those that would be competing for the same talent to see what they are doing in this space.

The full HR Barometer Report along with previous years’ reports are available on Linea. If you would like to become a Linea member, please get in touch.