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February 2020 Newsletter

Pensions timebomb ticks during election as parties battle for grey vote

Proposed increases in the age at which workers can claim the state contributory pension has dominated the general election campaign since the weekend, with Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil struggling to satisfy older voters’ concerns that they will be left in pension limbo after they retire.

Brexit and Employment – a new Border?

As the UK take its next big step on its Brexit journey – formally leaving the EU on 31st January, 2020 – it may be prudent to consider if there may be any impacts on the field of employment generally, and more specifically in the formal exercise of employee relations through the legal and industrial relations frameworks which govern how, as employers, we interact with our employees.

Indeed’s work measures during coronavirus risk show need for all employers to be proactive

Indeed.com asked staff at its Dublin, Singapore and Sydney offices to work from home on Monday after one of its Singapore-based employees was potentially exposed to the deadly new coronavirus through family members. That worker was given the all-clear the following day and the global recruitment company announced yesterday that all employees would be returning to their offices.