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April 2022 Newsletter

Employment Law
Minister gets agreement to draft the Personal Injuries Resolution Board Bill

The Minister of State for Trade Promotion, Digital and Company Regulation - Robert Troy - has received agreement from Government to commence the drafting of the Personal Injuries Resolution Board Bill.

Case Law
Case Law Reviewed - Waiter awarded €12,500 after General Manager repeatedly called him ‘Chico’

The Complainant submitted an Equality Claim, alleging that he had been subjected to racial discrimination at work.

Case Law
Case Law Reviewed - Employee who was made Redundant after notifying her Pregnancy is awarded €85,000

The Adjudicator considered the Complainant’s present loss, future loss and her loss of statutory protection, and the effects of the dismissal on the Complainant. Ensuring a dissuasive effect to the Employer was also a factor considered. The Adjudicator awarded the Complainant the sum of €85,000. 

In Case You Missed It

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  • Minister Provides Update on Gender Pay Gap Reporting
  • Codes of Practice published on Equal Pay & Sexual Harassment and Harassment at Work