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September 2020 Newsletter

Employment Law
Parental Leave entitlement increasing to 26...

All qualifying Employees who are natural or adoptive parents of, or who are persons acting in loco parentis to, a child under the relevant age are currently entitled to avail of up to 22 working weeks Parental Leave. From 1st September 2019 the Parental Leave (Amendment) Act 2019 brought a number of changes.

Case Law
Case Law - Reviewed

  • Redundancy process adopted by the Employer found to be unfair, unreasonable and disproportionate – Employee awarded €17,500

  • Labour Court founds in favour of the Employee – Constructive Dismissal Case

HR Helpdesk
The extent of an Employer's duty to reasonably...

The Employment Equality Acts set out to protect Employees with a disability from being treated unfavourably due to something arising as a consequence of their disability when compared with another worker who does not have the disability. The reason does not have to be the disability itself and can include something related to it, such as an aid or device (e.g. the use of a wheelchair).