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Employment Law - ensuring compliance and getting the fundamentals right - 10th March 2021

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Business Owners, Managers and HR Professionals are all too aware of the on-going challenges in the complex area of Employment Law and the challenges of its application within the workplace. This has been further complicated with the ongoing pandemic, the impact on the economy and the impact on businesses.

Adare Human Resource Management , in association with VFI, will provide practical guidance and insight into key HR and Employment Law areas facing businesses, focusing on ensuring businesses are compliant with key employment and H&S legislation.

  • The employment contract – ensuring compliance with required terms

  • Changing terms and conditions of employment – managing and mitigating the employment risks

  • Key employment legislation governing the employment relationship – organisation of working time; payment of wages; unfair dismissals act

  • Health and Safety – requirements to ensure a safe place of work


Who should attend:

Business Owners, Managers and HR Professionals and those tasked with the responsibility for HR and compliance within their organisation. 

How to register

This webinar is COMPLIMENTARY for VFI members, but registration is essential.

To register for the event, please contact

Event Details:

Date: 10th March 2021

Time: 11:00am - 12:00pm

Location: Virtual event


Leáh Smith, HR & Employment Law Consultant is an experienced HR and Employment Law Consultant supports clients in the provision of  timely and practical HR & employment law advice and guidance across a wide variety of Organisations & sectors.  Drawing upon her last 7 years of working both in-house HR and HR consulting experience, Leáh brings a wealth of experience to our clients.

A question and answer session with the presenter forms part of the session.