Introducing Our Latest Ebook in response to the newly published Code of Practice on Remote and Flexible Work Requests.

The right to request Remote working arrangements for all Employees and the right to request Flexible working arrangements for parents and carers came into operation on March 7th, 2024.

For clarity, Adare has created two new Ebooks: 1. Remote Working Requests and 2. Flexible Working Requests. Although guidance for both types of requests is given under one Code of Practice; it is useful to consider the requests separately due to certain distinctions in managing the requests.

Our latest eBook, Remote Working Arrangements: Code of Practice Requirements offers comprehensive guidance, grounded in the latest Code of Practice and legislative frameworks, to help you seamlessly adapt to this change. Employers need to understand their new obligations to comply with the Code of Practice.

What You’ll Discover:

  • Understanding Remote Working: Dive deep into what Remote working entails under the Work Life Balance and Miscellaneous Provisions Act 2023. Learn the definitions, the legal frameworks, and the practical implications for your business and your people.
  • Making Effective Remote Working Requests: Uncover the eligibility criteria, the detailed process for submitting Remote working applications.
  • Remote Work Planning Essentials: Considerations of workstation setup and health & safety compliance, data security, and technology requirements.
  • Approving/Rejecting Requests: Understand the critical considerations for Employer response in decision-making, the elements of a fair evaluation, and the legal requirements and how to ensure a transparent and objective process.
  • Managing Changes to Remote Working Arrangements: Learn what the Code requires for managing changes or terminating Remote working arrangements and understand the protocols for addressing grievances.
  • Policy & Procedures: Are your Employee policies and procedures up to date with the newest requirements? Our eBook sets out what needs to be included to comply with the new Code of Practice.

Why Choose Our eBook?

  • Expert Insights: Leveraging the latest research and legislative updates, our content is curated by HR and legal professionals, ensuring you receive reliable and actionable advice.
  • Practical Guidance: Beyond theoretical knowledge, gain practical guidance on how to approach Remote working effectively.
  • Future-Ready: Stay ahead in the rapidly evolving work landscape. Our eBook helps prepare you for the latest legislative changes, keeping you informed and agile.

Ideal For:
HR professionals, business leaders, and managers seeking information on the latest Employment law updates. Stay ahead in HR management with our expert guidance.

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