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November 2023 Newsletter

Human Resource Planning: Employer Approach for 2024

Designing and planning an HR strategy for 2024 is a critical task for any Organisation. It involves aligning a strategic approach to human resources with the Company's overall business goals and objectives. A clear road map setting out how your Company will manage Human Resource plans for the new year requires a current and deep understanding of what is happening in the labour market - what trends are influencing people management and how to implement them to be successful at attracting and maintaining your workforce.

Eliminating Harassment and Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

It has been over a year since the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission (IHREC) published the new Code of Practice on Sexual Harassment & Harassment at Work. Since then, the Workplace Relations Commission most recent Annual Report has cited an increase of 37% of referrals under the Employment Equality legislation compared to the previous year.

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Case Law Reviewed - Employee awarded €25,000 for Sexual Harassment by Manager

The Adjudicator held that the investigator’s belief that in complaints of a sexual nature the burden of proof was the balance of possibilities but to a higher degree of probability was not correct.

Case Law Reviewed - Employee Unfairly Dismissed Awarded €21,793

In this case the Employer did not apply any process to the termination, nor did they create an objective justification for the act of termination. In any case of unfair dismissal, the Adjudicator will assess the merits of the case on both the substantive grounds and procedural grounds

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