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Key Case Law Review: 2022

Part 3 of 3 in our Linea Employment Legislation Series

This resource is a summary of Key Case Law in 2022, giving a practical overview of notable decisions and their significance for Employers. This overview provides clarity and direction for internal HR decision making, and the practical application of HR policies and procedures.

What to Expect in 2023

Key Employment Legislation Developments

Part 2 of 3 in our Linea Employment Legislation Series

2023 is expected to be another busy year for Employers in terms of keeping abreast of Employment Legislation developments. Understanding anticipated legislative changes and remaining compliant is both time consuming and challenging. Ensuring your policies and procedures are updated as well as your contracts of employment is essential to maintaining compliance.

2022 in Review

Key Employment Legislation Changes

Part 1 of 3 in our Linea Employment Legislation Series

From the Gender Pay Gap Information Act to the Code of Practice on Harassment and Sexual Harassment, 2022 saw the introduction of a number of new Codes of Practices, Bills and Acts, which Employers need to keep abreast of in order to ensure compliance.

World Menopause Day

What Can Organisations Do?

World Menopause Day is an international observance held on the 18th of October every year to promote knowledge about Menopause and the associated impacts on health and wellbeing.

Succession Planning

An Employer's Guide

Most Organisations today, regardless of size and location, cannot do without a carefully crafted management succession plan. In order to minimise risks associated with the loss of valuable personnel, Organisations must engage in talent management by first realising the benefits of succession planning.

Employment Law

HR Spotlight

In the coming months, it is widely expected that the Right to Request to Work Remotely is just one of several legislative changes that the Government will be looking to enact.

Conflict & Disputes

HR Spotlight

Conflict in the workplace is unavoidable. Every workplace has different personalities, backgrounds and opinions so it is inevitable there will be disagreements. However, it’s important to ensure sure these don’t escalate into more serious issues. If its not addressed, workplace conflict leads to disruption within the business, employee absence and a distraction for HR and management.

Remote Working

HR Spotlight

Earlier this year, the Government agreed the heads of bill for the new remote working legislation (Right to Request Remote Working Bill 2021) which will, for the first time, provide a legal framework around how a request approval or refusal of a request for remote work can be made.

Pay & Benefits

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It comes as no surprise to many employers that salaries are on the increase. Our research found that over half of Organisations are increasing salaries in 2022 and, the market is experiencing the highest average increase in years as can be seen in the graph.

Remote and Flexible Ways of Working

HR Information & Advice

Your definitive ‘Guide to Remote and Flexible Ways of Working’. Remote and flexible work practices are now widely acknowledged as a key part of the evolving and agile workplace of the future and the sudden onset of remote working due to the pandemic, has led to a broader acceptance by employers of new ways of working as a viable longer-term possibility.

Dignity at Work - Anti-Bullying

Analysis and Recent Code of Practice

On the 23rd January 2021, the new “Industrial Relations Act 1990 (Code of Practice for Employers and Employees on the Prevention and Resolution of Bullying at Work) Order 2020 was published. The Code of Practice provides practical guidance on the management of workplace bullying complaints and on the prevention of workplace bullying, in line with the requirements of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005, Section 8(2)(b).

Return to Work Checklist

Our Return to Work Checklist will help employers meet the parameters set out in the Protocols, ensuring employers are compliant with the guidance and the Safety, Health & Wellbeing at Work Act, 2005.