The Government has published a new Bill that aims to reduce the time and expense associated with personal injuries litigation.

The Personal Injuries Resolution Boards Bill 2022 aims to enhance and reform the Personal Injuries Assessment Board (PIAB). When enacted, the Bill will increase the number of personal injury claims settled through an enhanced Resolution Board by encouraging earlier resolution of claims and minimising costs.

The Bill will amend the Personal Injuries Assessment Board Act 2003-2019 by:

  • Offering mediation as a means of resolving a claim, helping to reduce court case costs
  • Including claims of a wholly psychological nature
  • Extending the time to assess claims where an injury is yet to settle rather than releasing to litigation
  • Reducing fraud by seeking proof of identity on application and disclosing information to An Garda Síochána

Set up in 2003, PIAB provides independent assessments of personal injury claims for compensation following road traffic, workplace or public liability accident. Claims made to PIAB often take much less time than if made through the courts.

In its most recent Annual Report 2021, PIAB states that the number of claims it has dealt with has decreased by 31% over the past two years, with the average award now standing at €19,451, down from €24,026 in 2020.

Employers Liability made up 13% of claims in 2021, which was the same percentage as the previous year. This is also echoed by our own HR Barometer research, which found that 15% of Organisations had experienced claims for personal injuries in 2021.