In June, the Labour Court published their Annual Report for 2022 and saw the number of appeals and referrals received by the Court return to pre-pandemic figures. There was an increase of 97% in appeals received in 2022 compared to the previous year with only 578 received in 2021.

Labour Court Annual Report
Some of the key headlines include:

  • 1,138 appeals/ referrals received in 2022.
  • 1,485 hearings scheduled with 447 postponements granted arising out of requests by the parties or as a result of Covid-19 restrictions.
  • 996 cases completed, comprising those that were decided, settled or withdrawn.
  • 891 employment rights appeals received (accounting for 78.3% of cases) including:
    • 248 under the Organisation of Working Time Act
    • 204 under Payment of Wages Act
    • 125 under the Unfair Dismissals Acts
    • 97 under the Employment Equality Acts
    • 65 under Terms of Employment (Information) Act
  • Report noted that, according to the CSO, there were seven industrial disputes in progress in 2022, involving 4,078 workers (an increase from two in 2021 involving 543 workers).

The full report is available here.