Sarah Fagan, BA, PGDip Employment Law, PGDip Conflict and Resolution, is a leader in Human Resources and Employment Law. As Managing Director of Adare Human Resource Management, she not only oversees the strategic direction of the business but also leads a seasoned team of consultants, ensuring the delivery of unparalleled HR and Employment Law support services across diverse sectors.

With a proven track record in navigating complex employment scenarios and shaping strategic HR initiatives, Sarah leads the business with a balanced blend of legal acumen and HR proficiency. Drawing from years of experience, she guides Organisations through intricate employment matters, ensuring compliance, fostering positive workplace environments, and driving strategic growth. Under her leadership, Adare continues to be a trusted partner for businesses seeking comprehensive and effective HR and Employment Law solutions.

Before assuming the role of Managing Director in January 2022, Sarah’s tenure as Consulting Practice Manager showcased her prowess in supporting clients through strategic Employee Relations, Industrial Relations, and Human Resources consulting projects. Her leadership acumen was instrumental in overseeing the consultancy services provided to clients, emphasizing her commitment to professionalism and commercial excellence.

Prior to joining Adare Human Resource Management, Sarah spent nearly a decade supporting public sector employees in one of Ireland’s largest Secondary Teachers Unions, showcasing her depth of experience and unwavering dedication to the field.

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