Jennifer Van Aswegen is a distinguished leader in HR, business development, marketing, strategic partnerships, and commercial growth.

As the Head of Commercials and Partnerships at Adare Human Resource Management, Jennifer not only oversees the strategic direction of the company but also leads a seasoned team of professionals, delivering unparalleled services across diverse sectors.

With a proven track record in fostering significant business growth and enhancing organisational dynamics, Jennifer guides the firm with a balanced blend of strategic insight and operational efficiency.

Her extensive experience in innovative technology sectors including multi-channel software SaaS and advanced digital technologies enables her to expertly navigate complex business and partnership scenarios.

Jennifer ensures effective strategy implementation, fosters positive workplace environments, and drives strategic growth, positioning Adare as a trusted partner for businesses seeking comprehensive solutions in HR and business development.

Before assuming her current role in June 2023, Jennifer’s tenure at leading companies showcased her prowess in transforming sales strategies, scaling business operations, and enhancing marketing initiatives, emphasising her commitment to professionalism and commercial excellence.

Her leadership acumen has been instrumental in overseeing strategies and enhancing client relationships, highlighting her unwavering dedication to the field and her capability to drive significant change and innovation within the industry.

Careers at Adare

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