Amanda stands out as an exceptionally talented and proficient leader with a wealth of experience in best practice Human Resource Management, consistently delivering strategic HR solutions to clients across both the Private and Public Sector. As a trailblazer in Organisational Development, Amanda has been a driving force behind the design and implementation of innovative and transformative strategic HR initiatives across diverse sectors. Her expertise in Organisational Development extends to reshaping structures, fostering cultural change, and ensuring alignment with evolving business objectives, all while championing the People agenda and supporting Senior HR Practitioners in achieving their strategic goals.

Throughout her distinguished career, Amanda’s unwavering focus on people engagement and collaboration has set her apart. A natural leader, she finds fulfilment in coaching both small and large teams towards success, aligning with organisational objectives. Amanda’s approach to facilitating change involves fostering healthy team rapport, simplifying complex systems, and consistently operating from a standpoint of realistic optimism.

In her current role as the Head of Retained Services, Amanda not only oversees compliance but also shapes the strategic goals of retained client partnerships. Her remit involves ensuring that the experience, expertise, and the team collectively meet and exceed client expectations, underscoring her commitment to professionalism, commercial acuity, and consistently delivering exceptional value. Amanda embodies the ideal blend of talent, proficiency, and strategic prowess in driving organisational success, particularly in the realm of Organisational Development.


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