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March 2023 Newsletter

Breaking Barriers: Strategies for Promoting Gender Equality in Irish Organisations

This month, we celebrate International Women’s Day on the 8th of March. It’s an occasion that is hugely significant globally and provides us with a great opportunity to acknowledge the huge contributions made by women in the social, economic, cultural and political sphere.

Concept of a 4-day work week gaining popularity: What Employers & HR Professionals need to Consider?

The concept of a four-day working week has gained momentum in recent years, with many countries considering the potential benefits of reducing the standard five-day working week. In February 2023, research was published from the UK, where 61 companies participated in a 4-day work week six-month pilot scheme.

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Case Law
Case Law Reviewed – Worker Dismissed in Relation to not Passing her Probationary Period Wins Case

A pregnant woman was awarded €12,500 on the balance of probability after submitting a complaint to the WRC regarding discrimination under gender and family status grounds.

Case Law
Case Law Reviewed – Driver Accused of using Racial Slur and Unfairly Dismissed on Grounds of...

The complainant submitted a complaint to the WRC in relation to false information regarding racial slur and his employment start date.

Employment Law
In Case You Missed It

The EU Directive for Transparent and Predictable Working Conditions aims to provide Employees with more predictability and clarity in relation to their working conditions and was implemented into Irish Law on the 16th of December 2022, under the EU (Transparent and Predictable Working Conditions) Regulations 2022.