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In Case You Missed It

August 01, 2022

Parent’s Leave and Benefit Increased To 7 Weeks

As of the 1st of July, parents can avail of seven weeks paid Parent’s Leave and Benefit. The support applies to both parents and is up from the current limit of five weeks. The seven weeks can be taken together, or as separate weeks of leave and the leave period remains the same in the case of multiple births. The additional two weeks will apply to parents of children who are under two in July 2022 or adoptive children who have been placed with their parents for less than two years in July 2022. Further information is available here.

Changes To The State Pension System Could See Employees Working Until 70

The Government stated in early July that it has no plans on increasing the State pension age beyond 66, and further details have since been reported of a radical shake-up of the pension systems, which was agreed in principle by the Government last week. Further information is available here.

Recommended Changes To The Right To Request Remote Working Bill 2022

In its pre-legislative review of the proposed Right to Request Remote Working Bill 2022, the Committee on Enterprise, Trade and Employment has made a number of recommended changes, including that the requirement for an employee to have worked 26 weeks before making a request should be removed or reduced to 12 weeks or less. Further information is available here.

Dáil Summer Recess Is Here – Proposed Employment Legislation Update

The Dáil summer recess commenced on Thursday, 14th July and the Cabinet won’t be back until 14th September. The Government had made commitments to have a number of Bills enacted before summer recess - so where are these Bills currently sitting? Further information is available here.