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WRC Launches dedicated Postponement Requests email address

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New WRC Dedicated Postponement Requests email address: postponements@workplacerelations.ie

While the WRC seeks to minimise the number of postponement requests being received, as they inevitably delay the scheduling of the hearing, we recognise that there are times when a postponement request is unavoidable. We look for reasons and evidence to be provided which demonstrate the “Exceptional Nature” of the Postponement Request.

The timing of any postponement request is also key. If we receive a request immediately upon the parties receiving the hearing notice it means we can backfill the hearing slot. However, in the period January to August 2019 nearly 75% of postponement requests were received too late to backfill the hearing slots lost. This is a significant loss to the parties awaiting hearings but also to the WRC. We are asking that if a postponement is urgently needed for exceptional reasons that the parties apply for one immediately upon receipt of the hearing notice providing evidentiary material to support such a request.

The new email address for all parties and/or their representatives to submit a postponement request, which will operate from Monday 16th September 2019 - is postponements@workplacerelations.ie

By having a dedicated postponements email address, we aim to process postponement requests quicker and thus provide a better service. The response time will be reduced if the party applying for the postponement provides the relevant supporting documentation at the outset.

All other adjudication related correspondence should continue to be sent to pru@workplacerelations.ie

We will also consider possible changes to the overall procedure following discussions with our stakeholders and we will update you with more information at a later point.

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Workplace Relations Commission
September 2019

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