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WRC Adjudication Case Schedule

Following delivery of the judgment of the Supreme Court in Zalewski v. Adjudication Officer and WRC, Ireland and the Attorney General [2021] IESC 24 on 6 April 2021, and the consequential orders made on foot thereof on 15 April 2021, a number of procedural changes are required to procedures at the WRC.

Hearings in Public

The WRC must now operate on the basis that all hearings, save where the investigation or hearing does not amount to the administration of justice, are to be open to the public.

Employment and Equality Rights cases

In the ordinary course members of the public and media will be permitted to attend hearings under the various employment and equality rights statutes. However, due to the current Covid-19 related health and safety measures, only remote hearings are permitted to be held. A person may submit a request to attend a particular hearing by email to pru@workplacerelations.ie and the WRC will then share a link with members of the public, or media. Requests should be submitted two days in advance (excluding weekends).

If the numbers wishing to attend is significant and has an impact on the quality of the IT connection, then Adjudication Officers may decide to limit the number of external participants.

Industrial Relations Disputes

All WRC hearings convened under the Industrial Relations Act 1969, are private sittings. Attendance is confined to the parties to the hearing, their representatives and other essential attendees.

Diary of Upcoming Hearings - Interim arrangements

The WRC will publish schedules of hearings each Friday showing hearings scheduled for the following week. The Schedule will contain date, time and hearing reference number only as parties who had submitted complaints to the WRC for adjudication would have done so in the expectation that these hearings would be heard in private and not scheduled publicly.

Adjudication Hearings for week beginning 31st May 2021.

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