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Update on Adjudication Services – Workplace Relations Commission
The Workplace Relations Commission have issued an update in relation to services.
Workplace Relations Commission Updates
The Workplace Relations Commission last week issued an update on their services in consideration of the Government’s latest announcements.
Workplace Relation Commission (WRC) Covid-19 Update

Mindful of the latest Government announcements, the WRC has further postponed all Adjudication Hearings, Conciliation Meetings, Face to Face Mediations and cancelled all on-site Inspections until after Sunday 19th April 2020.

WRC Publishes its Work Programme for 2020
The Board of the WRC has prepared and submitted to the Minister for Business, Enterprise & Innovation, a Work Programme of the activities that the Commission intends to carry out in 2020.
Employers may face workers’ childcare emergency amid teachers’ strike and creche protest
Employers may face two days of disruption in the run-up to the February election, when parents could struggle to have childcare in place amid a proposed strike action and plans by childcare providers to shut their doors for 24 hours.
WRC Launches dedicated Postponement Requests email address
While the WRC seeks to minimise the number of postponement requests being received, as they inevitably delay the scheduling of the hearing, we recognise that there are times when a postponement request is unavoidable.