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Changes to Government Supports and July Stimulus

Yesterday the Government launched the Jobs Stimulus Plan to help businesses re-open, get people back to work and promote confidence within the economy.

Annual Leave Considerations and Travel Abroad
The Government has this week published the ‘green list’ (fifteen countries and territories).
Additional 3 weeks leave available for Parents of children born during pandemic

In recognition of the difficulties experienced by parents during the pandemic, the Cabinet has announced that parents of children born during the pandemic can take an additional three weeks of Parent's leave.

Government Protocols and Data Protection Considerations

The Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation has recently published an explanatory guidance document to the Return to Work Safely Protocols in order to support Employers where the implementation of measures recommended by the Protocol.

Consultation on Remote Working

On 9th July, the Government launched a public consultation process on guidelines for remote working given the increase in remote working due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The dilemma of childcare for both workers and employers
As long as Covid-19 remains an issue, so will childcare - making flexibility key for management.