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Performance Review Letters and Forms

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The appraisal process typically includes the use of a standard form (either in hardcopy of electronic format) in order to document consistent information at each key stage of the performance cycle. The performance review process however should not be viewed simply as a superficial form filling exercise to be completed on a few occasions during the year in order to satisfy organisational requirements. A well-structured review or appraisal form rather provides structure and encourages the appraiser and Employee to focus on the face-to-face aspects of agreeing performance objectives, giving good quality performance feedback, and agreeing the key areas of focus for the remainder of the performance review cycle.

At a minimum, the appraisal form should be used as a working document which can be referred to throughout the year to enable both the Employee and appraiser stay focused on:

  • The agreed individual performance goals and development related objectives;
  • Associated competencies and behaviours to be demonstrated and deemed critical to the successful performance of the role;
  • Training and development activities to be completed during the year;
  • Employee and appraiser evaluation of performance at the interim and year-end appraisal review periods;
  • Confirmation of and agreement to year-end performance rating.