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Fully executed, performance management is a holistic process bringing together many of the elements that make up the successful practice of people management. Learning and development is a vital part of this process. While review of past performance typically forms a central pillar of the appraisal process, to be successful, it should also be used as a basis for reaching agreement on future areas of learning and development.  Without it, performance improvement will not take place and the likelihood of future organisational success is greatly diminished. 

The goal setting process provides an opportunity during which the Employee can be encouraged to think about how and in which ways they would like to develop. This can lead to the drawing up of a personal development plan (PDP) setting out the actions they propose to take to meet their development needs, thereby improving their own performance which in turn positively impacts overall organisational performance.

A performance management process which values, supports and facilitates ongoing Employee learning and development creates a "win win" for both the Organisation and for the individual. Benefits include:

  • Equipping the Employee with new skills, knowledge and experience which in turn supports the Organisation in meeting current and future demands;
  • Increases Employee productivity;
  • Increases Employee satisfaction, morale and commitment;
  • Increases the likelihood of the Employee remaining in an Organisation which values providing opportunities for new experiences and ongoing development.