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Competencies / Behaviours

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Competencies may be defined as:

‘The critical behaviours, knowledge, and skills which are deemed to be critical in order for an Employee to carry out their role effectively’

In addition to outlining what is to be achieved as part of a performance appraisal process, a competency based approach focuses on defining the behaviours, knowledge and skills which the Organisation values and believes forms the basis of superior organisational and individual performance. Thus, as part of the performance appraisal process, a Manager can work with the Employee and agree the key behaviours, knowledge and skills deemed most appropriate for the Employee’s specific role and work together to improve the Employee’s competency in these areas.

Competency Framework

An organisational competency framework defines the behaviours, skills and knowledge deemed critical in order for the Employee to achieve successful job performance. An organisational competency framework provides clarification to the Employee as to what is expected and valued in terms of expected behaviours related to their specific job role.

In crafting a competency framework, care should be taken to ensure the behaviours identified reflect core organisational values and the central behaviours, skills and knowledge deemed critical to the successful performance of each specific individual role or position. Any competency framework which is created should be reviewed and updated regularly over time so as to reflect evolving organisational priorities and individual job requirements.