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Health & Safety

Occupational Health, Safety & Welfare

Organisations with excellent occupational health and safety records have incorporated a system of continuous improvement in their health and safety programmes. This process allows them to meet Organisational standards that reflect best practices for their industry. Regular occupational health and safety audits are key to such performance. In order to successfully establish due diligence, Organisations must prove that programmes aimed at preventing injuries and risk from hazards were in place, implemented, and operating effectively.

At Adare Human Resource Management, we offer a comprehensive range of Health, Safety and Welfare Retained Support Services, Consultancy Services and Training to Organisations throughout Ireland. We offer broad range of services under Health & Safety for our Clients which are:

  1. Health,Safety and Welfare Retainer Support Services
  2. Health and Safety Consulting Services
  3. Health and Safety Related Training




Organisations have access to timely telephone, email and face to face advice and support as required on any Health, Safety and Welfare at workplace related issues, these include;

On-going Retainer Support Services include:

-  Dedicated Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Consultant

-  Appointed as the Organisation’s retained safety advisor to meet legislative requirements

-  Provision of phone and email advice and support throughout the year

-  Conduct an annual safety compliance audit

-  Supply/Update and review health and safety statement

-  Provide a comprehensive set of safety checklists and forms

-  Legislative updates and review

-  Support the designated internal safety coordinator


Adare Human Resource Management will supply the following services under its Health, Safety and Welfare Retainer Support Services:

-          Advice

-          Compliance to Best Practice

-          Ongoing Support

-          Court Representation

Health & Safety - Advice

  • Dedicated Experienced Chartered Consultant as your key point of contact to support your Organisation
  • Practical, solutions-focused Advice on all OHS matters - providing a solution rather than just telling you what the legislation says
  • Access to our OHS Helpdesk to ensure that there is always a qualified expert available to answer your query

Health & Safety – Compliance to Best Practice

  • Design, develop and implement all aspects of Safety, Health and Welfare with appropriate solutions
  • Guidance and information as to best practice in relevant fields, e.g. manual handling, fire safety management etc.
  • Safety reviews, safety statement compilation with associated risk assessments and control measures
  • Support Organisations to stay compliant with the Health & Safety legislation

Health & Safety – Ongoing Support

  • Organisations have access to timely telephone, email and face to face advice and support as required on any health and safety related issues.
  • Keeping in touch & Keeping you in the know through our Occupational Health & Safety updates, our online OHS Webinars and our Health & Safety related Trainings on key topics
  • Access to Linea the most comprehensive, up to date online resource available for HR and H&S practitioners and those tasked with responsibility for people management

Health & Safety – Court Representation

  • Liaising with, and advising on, matters relating to HSA inspections
  • Court appearances

To gain access to our ongoing support services on Health, Safety and Welfare at workplace, please email us on info@adarehrm.ie or contact us on (01) 561 3594.




At Adare Human Resource Management we offer a comprehensive range of Health, Safety and Welfare consultancy services to Organisations throughout Ireland including updating safety statements, risk assessments and control measures etc. 

We work with Organisations in the design, development and implementation of Safety, Health and Welfare solutions not only to ensure compliance with all the requirements of Health, Safety and Welfare legislation, but also to ensure best practices are implemented and being followed.


Safety Audit

A safety audit will contribute to improvements in the Organisation’s health, safety and welfare management and reduce legal liabilities. The audit system evaluates a number of key elements including:

-               Health and Safety Policy 
-               Organising for Health and Safety and Responsibility Structure 
-               Planning and Implementing 
-               Measuring Performance 
-               Reviewing Performance

The Onsite Risk Assessment 

The Onsite Risk Assessment will assist with the updating / amending / developing the Safety Statement in line with health, safety and welfare legislation, Organisational requirements and risk assessment.

Onsite Safety Compliance Review

  • Call to site to review your safety arrangements including;
    • Office safety review
    • Safety Statement
    • Emergency Arrangement
    • Statutory Arrangements
    • Risk Assessments
    • Training
  • The time onsite can vary between 2 and 5 hours
  • Access to a senior person in charge, all locations within the building and your existing safety documentation will be required

In addition to examining the safety management system, the audit will also examine other key subject areas to check compliance with Health, Safety and Welfare legislation and Organisational Policies. Typical examples of the subject areas covered by the audit are:

-       Fire Safety Management

-       Manual Handling

-       Control of Hazardous Substances 

-       Risk Assessment/previous incidents

-       Contractors

-       First Aid Responder

-       Emergency Planning

-       Safety Inspections 

-       Safety Induction and Training

By carrying out these additional checks the audit will also confirm or amend the findings of the checks on the safety management system elements.

Our Health and Safety Support Services provide Organisations with phone, email and onsite advice and support via our H&S Consultants throughout the year.

To contact one of our expert Health & Safety Consultants, please email us on info@adarehrm.ie or contact us on (01) 561 3594.




At Adare Human Resource Management we offer a comprehensive range of Health, Safety and Welfare training courses for Organisations throughout Ireland. Our instructors are ex fire service officers and paramedics, Chartered IOSH and Member status of the Institute of Fire Engineers.

The Health & Safety related Training that is delivered by our Trainers at Adare Human Resource Management include:

  1. Manual Handling
  2. Patient/People Handling
  3. First Aid Responder
  4. First Aid Responder Refresher
  5. Cardiac First Responder (AED)
  6. Fire Safety Management
  7. Fire Warden Training
  8. Fire Extinguisher Training
  9. Evacuation Chair Training
  10. Abrasive Wheels Training
  11. Workplace Safety Representative Training
  12. Managing Safety Training

A descriptor on each of the training courses is available.

For further details on any of our Health and Safety training courses please email on info@adarehrm.ie or call us on (01) 561 3594.