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D. Cases

The Redundancy process is a process that has become increasingly prominent in Ireland recent years; therefore, it is of great importance for Organisations to have an in depth knowledge and insight in relation to Redundancy Legislation. 

The Human Resources and Law consultants at Adare HRM have years of experience in dealing with Organisations who are going through a redundancy process, whether voluntary or involuntary, and the different scenarios arising out of both. 

There are a number of cases set out below which deal with the topic of redundancy, varying from redundancy terms, payment of redundancy, and the genuine nature of a redundancy or unfair selection for redundancy. Organisations should examine these cases and the summaries, and take away the key considerations as set out when dealing with any redundancy situation.

Below are a selection of Redundancy cases from 2009 - 2013 the team at Adare Human Resource Management have compiled for your viewing. Some are private viewing for our members. To access the archive of cases please log in or sign up to Linea.

UD1169 - Employee v Employer - Employer didn’t follow fair procedure
UD1250 - Employee v Employer - Unfair Procedure Redundancy
EDA095 - Intrium Justitia v Kerrie McGarvey - Unfair Selection for Redundancy

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