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September 2015 Industrial Relations Newsletter

Adare Human Resource Management

Established in 2003, Adare Human Resource Management are Ireland’s leading expert and provider of Employment Law, Industrial Relations (IR), Human Resource Management (HRM) and Health and Safety Services.
  • Improvements For Business Practitioners And Workers But Lawyers Take Aim As Adjudicators Replace EAT

    Sep 17, 2015
    Employment lawyers have expressed concerns that the new Workplace Relations Commission is fundamentally flawed and they argue this is a constitutional rights issue. The solution in the eyes of this lobby is that only legally qualified people should be able to adjudicate on such issues, or at least that appears to be the tenure of the argument presented.
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  • Expediency Always the Enemy of Good Industrial Relations

    Sep 17, 2015
    Many years ago after a late night and rather bruising conciliation encounter at the LRC, a high ranking and very learned trade union official present appeared to be less happy with the agreed outcome than all of his comrades were. Upon my querying his apparent concern he said that a late clause entered into the agreement needed to be teased out further, as respective expectations appeared to be too diverse for his comfort, but none of the parties present wished to get into the detail. That Official said to me on the night that the clause in question would end up poisoning the collective relationships for us all because it was too expedient. Time proved him absolutely right and this professional learning experience has stayed with me forever.
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