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March 2017 Industrial Relations Newsletter

Adare Human Resource Management

Established in 2003, Adare Human Resource Management are Ireland’s leading expert and provider of Employment Law, Industrial Relations (IR), Human Resource Management (HRM) and Health and Safety Services.
  • Workplace Relations Commission Mock Adjudication Hearing - 30th March 2017

    Mar 20, 2017
    Adare Human Resource Management leading experts in Employment Law, Industrial Relations and best practice in Human Resource Management, are delighted to invite you to our upcoming Workplace Relations Commission Mock Adjudication Hearing. There will be two separate events, one will take place on Thursday 30th March in the Aviva Stadium, Dublin and the second will take place on Thursday 6th April, in Entry Point North, Shannon, Co. Clare. This event will provide you with a unique opportunity of first-hand experience from the comfort of your seat to learn directly from an Adjudication Officer and Senior ER/IR Practitioners. It will equip all attendees with the framework needed to navigate this adjudicating process and the confidence to effectively manage claims brought forward in this new system. Limited places will be available, to book your place please email marketing@adarehrm.ie or call (01) 561 3594.
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  • IR Amendment Act Changing Unions Tac In Recognition Disputes

    Mar 20, 2017
    As HR and IR practitioners are well aware the enacting of the IR Amendment Act 2015 made a number of changes relating to several aspects of the industrial relations landscape. One of the many very significant changes introduced under the Act relates to new sweeping powers for the Labour Court to legally issue binding orders to employers as it relates to workers pay and conditions of employment. Critically, this is even in the context in which there is no formal employer recognition of a trade union.
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  • Labour Court Says No To Reduction In Sick Pay Provision

    Mar 20, 2017
    In the context of reducing cost, particularly in situations in which there is general acceptance that the organisation is under financial pressure, it is not unusual for employers to look at the provisions and cost associated with employee sick pay schemes with a view to establishing savings by reducing sick pay benefit. What is perhaps a little more unusual is a circumstance in which there is general agreement between the employer and union that there are financial and cost pressures, but notwithstanding this, the Court recommends no change in respect to the sick pay scheme.
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