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December 2016 Industrial Relations Newsletter

Adare Human Resource Management

Established in 2003, Adare Human Resource Management are Ireland’s leading expert and provider of Employment Law, Industrial Relations (IR), Human Resource Management (HRM) and Health and Safety Services.
  • Labour Court Will Back Change To Tesco Workers Contracts

    Dec 16, 2016
    This dispute has reportedly been highly emotive amongst the parties. From a HR practitioner point of view, the case holds significant interest in that on the one hand the organisation seeks to address, what they believe are costly legacy employment contracts, while on the other employees hold to the view that they are not prepared to agree to changes to their long standing contractual arrangements.
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  • Dublin Bus “Contractor” Wins Case UD As “Employee” - a lesson for Employers

    Dec 16, 2016
    It a recent case taken under the Unfair Dismissals Act and upheld by the Labour Court the defending Employer argued that the Claimant in question was not covered by the Unfair Dismissal Act, as he was an independent contractor on a contract for service, as opposed to a contract of service. The Employer could show that the claimant invoiced for his time, was free to do other work for any other organisation, was responsible for the payment of his tax, was not in the company pension scheme and was not nor had ever been on company payroll.
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