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Updates to State Pension Age and Domestic Violence Leave Announced

State Pension Age to remain at 66

New pension measures were approved by Cabinet yesterday and it has been announced that the State Pension Age will remain at 66. However, people will have the option of working until the age of 70 and will receive a higher state pension as a result. This is set to become effective from January 2024.

In order to pay for the enhanced pension payments, the Government also stated that PRSI contributions will need to increase gradually in the future.

From January 2024, there will be a move to a Total Contributions Approach for the calculation of an individual’s pension entitlement that will be phased in over 10 years. This ensures a worker’s pension is based on the number of years worked and contributions paid.

It was also announced that long-term carers will be eligible for a pension for the first-time and this is set to be introduced from January 2024. This means that anyone who gives up work over a long time to look after a loved-one will have the time spent caring recognised in the pension system.

Domestic Violence Leave

A proposal is before Cabinet to introduce a new right to five days per year of paid leave for victims of domestic violence.

The proposal is included in the Work Life Balance Bill, which also includes other measures relating to leave for carers and parents.

The Bill will also introduce new rights for parents and carers including the right to request flexible working and the right to leave from work for the medical care of a child.

The Bill also looks to extend the leave for breastfeeding breaks from six months to two years.

It is expected that the Bill will be passed by Christmas, with the new leave entitlements to be introduced on a phased basis thereafter.

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