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Labour Court – Virtual Courtroom Hearings

The Labour Court have advised that all hearings scheduled for the weeks beginning January 4 and January 11, 2021 are re-designated as online remote hearings in a virtual courtroom owing to Level 5 restrictions.

On this basis all physical in-person hearings at Lansdowne House scheduled for these weeks will not take place in Lansdowne House but will instead take place by remote means online in a virtual courtroom on the same scheduled date and at the same scheduled time. Virtual courtroom hearings already scheduled are unaffected.

Should an issue be raised in relation to fair procedure during the course of a virtual courtroom hearing the Court will take whatever steps it deems necessary, including adjourning to a physical in-person hearing at a later date.

A user’s guide to virtual Labour Court Hearings has been prepared by the Court which outlines what participants can expect, what is expected of them as well as document management such as the provision of written submissions to the Court and the exchange of submissions by the parties involved at least two days prior to the date of the hearing.

For support in managing claims and representation in the WRC and Labour Court contact the team at Adare Human Resource Management.

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