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Linea Membership



Why become a Linea Member?

Linea is the most comprehensive, up to date online resource available for HR practitioners, owner managers, accountants and those tasked with responsibility for people management.

Members exclusively enjoy:

  • 24/7 access to a powerful knowledge resource with high search functionality
  • Comprehensive guidance on all aspects of Employment Law – information on all key pieces of Employment Legislation and regulations affecting your Organisation, employment related cases and practical solutions including FAQ’s
  • Access to an extensive list of Human Resource best practice toolkits, templates, company policies, forms, letters, checklists and employment related calculators
  • Detailed access to information relating to Health and Safety regulations and requirements in Ireland
  • Networking opportunities through the Members Forum and regular updates on seminars, Employment Law and HR news through our newsletters.

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Linea gives members exclusive access to:

  • The most up to date information: covering all aspects of Employment Law and HR Practice
  • Online HR Calculators: online access to a HR Calculators  to compute employee entitlements across leave types such as  Maternity and Annual Leave; benchmark ratings for effective Absence Management and Cost Analysis; calculate Redundancy Payments
  • Policies: policies which can be adopted immediately within the workplace
  • Forms: forms for immediate use, which guide organisations through their processes, ensuring the most appropriate information is collated, and assist in driving well informed internal decision making
  • Letters: template letters than can be used instantly and tailored, where necessary and appropriate, to reflect individual client needs
  • Case Law & Precedence: cases in all areas of Employment Law, Human Resource Management and Health and Safety.

For a free demo, or further information about Linea, 

contact us: Tel. 01 561 3594,  or Email:  info@adarehrm.ie