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Staff Opinion Surveys

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What is a Staff Opinion Survey?

A staff opinion survey is a research tool that an Organisation can utilise in order to engage with their Employees on important issues that affect the Organisation and the way it conducts its work. Staff opinion surveys are a good way for an Organisation to conduct a self-audit or performance appraisal of itself as a whole. When applied successfully, a staff opinion survey can provide information about Employees views and opinions on their work environment. This can serve to promote working conditions. It can also demonstrate that the Organisation is interested in and open to Employee feedback.

A staff opinion survey provides an avenue for the Organisation to gather information on any number of different areas such as what the Employee thinks of his/her job, team or work group, the Organisation as whole, and other specific issues, such as organisational culture or turnover issues. It can aid in understanding or anticipating Employee needs as they relate to the Organisation’s bigger picture. The most important function is to provide a basis for an action plan to build on identified strengths and improve any deficiencies.