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Reference Checking, Medicals & Other Considerations

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Although a candidate’s skills may have been objectively tested through a range of assessment methods, the accuracy of some of the information supplied by the candidate must be independently verified.


References are often used as a final stage of the recruitment and selection process to assess a candidate’s suitability for employment.  It is strongly recommended that where these final checks are used by an Employer, that they are undertaken before making any offer of employment.  Where this is not possible, a conditional offer of employment may be made, whereby the offer is subject to satisfactory completion of medical and reference checks.  An Employer who fails to ensure that a conditional offer is made in writing may find themselves in breach of contract should they decide to terminate the employment due to a failure to satisfactorily complete a medical or provide satisfactory references.    

References are often a source of confusion for Employers.  Firstly there is no obligation on an Employer to provide a reference, however many Employers do provide these for ex-Employees.  Whether or not the Organisation provides references is at its own discretion; however whichever decision is made must be applied consistently in order to avoid a risk of discrimination.