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Interviewing Skills

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The interview is the most frequently used selection method for assessing candidate suitability.  However, interviews can be fraught with the risk of discrimination, and can also be a very unreliable method of evaluating a candidate.  While it is understandable that Employers will generally want to meet their candidates prior to making a decision, it is advised that planning be invested prior to conducting any interviews. The more structured the interview, the more reliable it becomes.

In all cases, the interviewer or interview panel should prepare for the interview by designing questions which will evaluate a candidate’s skills, knowledge and attitudes as required for the position.

It is recommended that more than one interviewer is present at any interview and that there is gender balance on the panel.


Presentations can be used to supplement the interview process, especially for posts where the presentation of information is an important element of the work.

If presentations are being used, it is essential to provide shortlisted candidates with advance notice of what is expected from them in terms of content, the equipment available to them and the expected length of the presentation.