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Application Forms

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When advertising a position it is important to consider the method of application for the position.  Some Organisations like to use application forms, as it is possible to ask for specific information related to the position, compare applicants against the criteria outlined in the job specification and even to ask a candidate to answer particular questions relevant to the position.  Other organisations prefer to allow candidates to apply using their own individually designed CV, which allows the candidate the freedom to highlight their strengths in relation to the position.  

Where an Organisation decides that it is appropriate to use an application form, the advertisement for the position should provide details of how a candidate may obtain the application form.  The aim of the application form is to enable systematic and fair selection processes, so the information requested in the form should be for this purpose only. The application form should not request any unnecessary information, which is not essential for the position.  It is strongly recommended that the Organisation does not request information related to any of the nine grounds of discrimination, e.g. martial status or date of birth, unless these are legitimate qualification criteria for the position.  To do so without an objective justification could weaken an Organisation’s defence against any discrimination claim.