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Performance Management

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The performance management process is designed to develop and motivate Employees while providing and giving honest and objective feedback regarding performance. When fully realised, performance management is a strategic and integrated approach to improving the performance of Employees and teams which in turn raises the performance standard of the Organisation as a whole. The process should allow a better understanding between Manager and Employee of the goals and objectives for the period ahead and the level of performance expected of the Employee.

Performance management can be defined as:

“All individuals being clear about what they need to do to achieve expected standards, and how that contributes to the overall success of the Organisation; receiving regular, fair, accurate feedback and coaching to stretch and motivate them to achieve their best”

Performance management is one of the central activities that, when successfully carried out, enables Employees know that their contributions are recognised and acknowledged. It is not designed to be a paper exercise. Performance management is an ongoing process of communication between the appraiser (typically the Line Manager) and the Employee that occurs throughout the year, in support of achieving the strategic objectives of the Organisation. The communication process includes clarifying expectations, setting objectives, identifying goals, providing ongoing feedback, and evaluating performance.