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Succession Planning

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Succession planning may be best understood as an ongoing process designed to ensure the continued effective performance of the Organisation by adapting specific procedures to ensure the identification, development and long-term retention of talented individuals. Combined with a strong importance attached to ongoing coaching and giving feedback in order to enable individuals realise their potential, it assists in developing internal talent to meet current or future talent needs of the Organisation.

Succession planning should not be conducted as a standalone activity but should be aligned, support and reinforce the Organisation’s strategic plans.  To implement a strategic plan, Organisations require people with the right talents.

Succession planning therefore represents a measured and methodical effort by an Organisation to seek continuity in key positions, retain and develop intellectual and knowledge capital for the future and encourage individual progress and development.

Approaches to succession planning vary but are typically limited to a focus on senior management positions and those identified as 'key' or 'critical' within the Organisation.