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The term induction or onboarding is commonly understood to refer to a process by which Employees are welcomed to the Organisation and begin to adjust or acclimatise to their jobs and working environment. An effective induction process does not simply start and end on an Employee’s first day of work and is more than about focusing on informing the inductee of fundamental items such where the bathroom and canteen facilities are and PC and email log in and password details.

Employee induction activities are designed to provide new Employees with the information they need to settle and become productive in the new Organisation. A well organised and delivered induction represents a new hires first proper impression of the Organisation, and represents an important opportunity to reinforce the desired view that they have made the right decision in selecting who to come and work for. Induction therefore should be a key component of any Organisation's management policies and procedures yet often it is not done properly, relying on new Employees to just ‘figure it out as they go along.’ This approach to induction can prove equally trying and unproductive not only to the new Employee concerned but to existing staff who ‘fail to understand why the new person ‘just does not get it.’