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Learning and Development

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Organisations which have a clear line of sight between their strategy, objectives, challenges and their investment in learning and development are better able to meet their goals and demonstrate the value of their learning spend. According to research conducted by the Corporate Executive Board, Employees reporting to Managers effective at development perform up to 25% better than their peers, are 29% more committed, and are up to 40% more likely to stay within their Organisation. 

An Organisation’s approach to learning and development also impacts their overall Employee Value Proposition (EVP). For current Employees, the EVP represents the benefit an Employee receives as a consequence of being employed by that Organisation. This “value proposition” is not limited to compensation elements of the employment relationship but also includes other factors such as career opportunities provided.

Organisations who develop well-defined and implementable learning and development strategies report significant benefits from their associated activities and investment. These include greater success in attracting external talent, better alignment of internal talent pools with Organisational goals and ensuring that the appropriate steps are being taken to meet future requirements. A focus on ongoing coaching for example can help to develop a succession pipeline to manage talent effectively.  

Recent attention on reducing recruitment costs has also led to Organisations to be more innovative about managing talent. The CIPD Annual Survey Report 2012 reports that there is a stronger focus on developing more talent in house, retaining rather than recruiting talent and redeploying Employees into new roles.