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Gender Pay Gap Ireland - Adare Human Resource Management




The gender pay gap is, at its simplest, the difference between the average pay of men and women, regardless of their seniority.

Equal pay is about pay differences between men and women for “work of equal value” or “equivalent work”. Even if an employer does not have an equal pay issue, a gender pay gap may still exist, for example if the majority of lower paid roles are filled by women. According to recent figures from the CSO the gender pay gap in Ireland is 14% this compares with an average gender pay gap across Europe of 16.7%.

In June 2018, the Cabinet approved the general scheme of the Gender Pay Gap Information Bill. The Bill would require all Employers to publish data showing whether there are differences in the pay of male and female Employees. The regulations will apply to Employers with 250 or Employees initially, then to those with 150 or more, and finally those with 50 or more. They will apply to the public as well as private sector. In addition to differences in hourly pay, information on differences in bonus pay, part-time pay and pay of men and women on temporary contracts will be among the data that must be published. This brings us a step closer to gender pay gap reporting.

The question is are YOU ready?

Adare Human Resource Management can help you to:

  • Calculate the gender pay gap in your Organisation and help you report in line with the legislation
  • Analyse your pay data to put the numbers for your Organisation in context
  • Support in developing plans to communicate information on gender pay gap both internally and externally
  • Review HR and People Strategies to improve your future position among your competitors
  • Work with you to plan and act on your Organisation’s promotion, remuneration and diversity policies and practices