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Promoting Dignity at Work

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The promotion of dignity in the workplace recognises the right of all Employees to be treated with dignity and respect and ensuring that all Employees are provided with a safe working environment which is free from all forms of bullying, sexual harassment and harassment.

Promoting dignity at work is likely to reduce stress and related health problems and absenteeism among those who are both suffering and close witnesses to such alleged behaviours at work. Workplace bullying and harassment can also result in increased Employee  turnover, unhealthy workplace culture and ongoing conflicts, a damaged Employer brand and costly litigation procedures and negative publicity. 

It is important for every Employer to be aware that they are obliged to provide a work environment free from harassment and bullying.  Time spent on the promotion of dignity at work policies is often better than the time spent on dealing with individual complaints of bullying and harassment. Where an Employer fails to do this, they can be held liable for the effects of harassment or bullying on their Employees. 

The primary objectives of a Dignity and Respect policy should be to achieve the following:

  • To increase awareness on the prevention of bullying and harassment in the workplace