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Calculating Absence

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The recording and monitoring of attendance levels is essential in order to measure and evaluate the level and nature of sick leave absence within an Organisation. Analysis of sick leave absence data absence can occur at an organisational level in order to gain an understanding of the overall rate of sick leave, and an individual level to allow identification of problem absence levels at an Employee level. 

A number of methods to calculate sick leave absence are available as outlined further below.

Total Days Lost / Overall Sick Leave Absence

This calculation method provides the overall organisational sick leave absence rate or percentage of working time within an Organisation which has been lost due to absence. 

This calculation method is useful in order to compare attendance levels across departments, functions and work locations for example in order to identify possible areas of concern.

Other methods of calculating sick leave absence can be utilised in order to gain further insight as to the extent and frequency of sick leave absence within an Organisation, and assist in devising solutions to any sick leave absence problems which are determined to exist.