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Attendance Management

Absence management and sick leave absenteeism are complex issues with no simple or instant fixes. Sick leave absence can occur as a result of a number of factors which need to be considered when looking to minimise sick leave absenteeism levels and increase attendance levels at work. The reasons for absence can vary and may relate to the Employee concerned, the work carried out by the Employee and the type of working environment in which they operate in.


An effective absence management policy is one that is well defined and incorporates a number of elements. It allows an Organisation to understand the levels and causes of absence from work and enables those who are sick to return and stay at work on a successful basis. Furthermore it takes effective action against the typically small number of Employees whose absence is non health related and seek to gain from any organisational sick pay scheme. 

Line Managers have a critical role to play in supporting Employees whilst out of the workplace and ensuring that appropriate steps are taken to facilitate a successful return. Ongoing training and support is vital in order to equip Line Managers with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively deal with issues which arise in this area.  

An absence management policy ensures employee absence is consistently and objectively managed. For the Organisation itself, it reduces stress and diminishes employment related claims-for stress and unfair dismissal against the Organisation. 

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