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The Probationary Period

The Probationary Period

Common Misconceptions and Associated Risks

The Probationary Period is when a new Employee joins an Organisation, goes through an induction process, and has the first assessment of their performance and fit for the role. During this period an Employee’s performance can be evaluated and an Organisation can decide about their continued employment.

However, there can be some common misconceptions held by Organisations in relation to their obligations to Employees who are on Probation and there are numerous claims in front of the Workplace Relations Commission and the Labour Court under the Industrial Relations Acts as well as the other protected legislations, such as the Employment Equality Acts, where 12 months service is not required in order for an Employee to bring forward a Claim. There has also been recent legislation introduced which has implications for Probationary Periods, and which Organisations need to be aware of.

This Complimentary e-book provides practical guidance to Organisations about:

  • The common misconceptions held by Employers in relation to the Probationary Period;

  • The risks to be aware of, highlighted by Case Law; and

  • Practical steps that Organisations can take to mitigate against these risks.

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